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Aspect based Opinion Mining for Mobile Phones

Aspect based Opinion Mining for Mobile Phones

Aspect based Opinion Mining for Mobile Phones.


With the explosion of Web 2.0, platforms such as blogs, e-commerce sites, peer-to-peer networks and social media, consumers have a broad platform and unlimited power to share their experiences in the form of reviews. With this, bulks of reviews are available for a single product, that needs to be analyzed, processed and mine. Opinion Mining or Sentiment Analysis is a Natural Language Processing and Information retrieval task that defines the customer’s views or opinions through positive, negative or neutral sentiments.

Aspect based Opinion Mining deals with aspects of the features. In this paper an aspect based opinion mining system is proposed that classify reviews as positive and negative. The system also deals with two aspects in a review. Experimental results using reviews of mobile phones show an accuracy of 75% as compared to other methods.

For the implementation of this paper one or more software from the following list will be use.




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