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Bioinformatics Tools

To present the hypothesis about the behaviour of microsatellite we require gene locations as well as SSRs locations. IMEx (Imperfect microsatellite extractors) is widely used to obtain the SSRs (Simple sequence repeats) in a genome while obtaining the gene locations as well as its comparison with SSRs is still a manual process.

To remove the manual process and to save the time we have developed MATLAB (A MathWorks product) based tools named:

  1. Identification of Gene Location from NCBI Nucleotide File (IGLNNF)
  2. Incorporation of Gene Location in SSR File (IGLSF)

Since the above tools are developed in MATLAB (R2013a) so you require MATLAB Compiler Runtime library for MATLAB(R2013a) version to run it. Click here to download the MCRinstaller from MathWorks.

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