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MATLAB Basics: Mathematical Operations

Welcome to the series of blogs on Digital Image Processing using MATLAB. If you are looking for complete guidance in understanding the concepts of the digital images and image processing using MATLAB, you're at the right place! In this series, we will discuss the concepts of Image Processing along with the implementation from scratch to the advanced level.  In this blog- MATLAB basics: Mathematical operations- we will discuss the mathematical operations on arrays. Before we discuss the current topic- MATLAB basics: Mathematical operations,…

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Localization in zigbee network

Determining the location of any wireless node in a wireless network becomes a field of extensive study. The method used in wireless networks like GPS or Wi-Fi are very advanced but when we talk about any indoor environment the scenario is pretty much different. Large wireless networks like GPS, Wi-Fi or Wi-max instruments are able to perform complex calculations and have good amount of power back up. While scenario is different for indoor environments. When we talk about indoor environments the wireless nodes…

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