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Data Hiding Mechanism Based on Encrypted Image in a Discrete Wavelet Zone of a Carrier Image

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Research Topic ID: IPRT28012016

Data Hiding Mechanism Based on Encrypted Image in a Discrete Wavelet Zone of a Carrier Image.

Abstract : Now a day’s to keep up secrecy and confidentiality of an information could be a vivacious field with 2 totally different approaches being followed, the primary being encrypting the pictures through cryptography algorithms victimization keys, the opposite approach involves concealing knowledge victimization data concealing algorithmic program to keep up the pictures secrecy. A content owner use cryptography key to perform the cryptography of original pictures, and employing a information hiding key a data hider will plant further data into the encrypted image although he doesn’t recognize the fist content, because the encrypted image contains some further information, with the assistance of cryptography key a receiver 1 st decipher it then extract the embedded information and recover the fist image in line with the data-hiding key.

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IEEE, 2015.


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For the implementation of this paper one or more software from the following list will be use

  • Image Processing Toolbox
  • Computer Vision Toolbox
  • Neural Network Toolbox
  • Optimization Toolbox

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  • Complete Code of this paper
  • Complete Code of the approach to be propose
  • A document containing complete explanation of code and research approach
  • All materials used for this research
  • Solution to all your queries related to your work

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