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Multi secure and robustness for medical image based steganography scheme

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Research Topic ID:IPRT01012015

Multi secure and robustness for medical image based steganography scheme

Abstract : Medical records are extremely sensitive patient information and require uncompromising security during both storage and transmission. In this paper a multi secure and robustness of medical image based steganography scheme is proposed. The proposed technique provides an efficient and storage security mechanism for the protection of digital medical images. We proposed a viable steganography technique using Integer Wavelet Transform (IWT) to protect the MRI medical image into a single container image. The container image was taken and flip left was applied and the dummy container image was obtained. Then the patient’s medical diagnosis image was taken as secret image and Arnold transform was applied and scrambled secret image was obtained. In the first case, the scrambled secret image was embedded into the dummy container image and Inverse IWT was taken to get a dummy secret image. In the second case, the container image was taken and fused with the dummy secret image and stegoimage was obtained. The quality of the recovered medical image showed acceptable visual quality. It is observed that the quality parameters are improved with acceptable PSNR compared to the existing algorithms.

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IEEE, 20-21 March 2013

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For the implementation of this paper one or more software from the following list will be use:

    • MATLAB
      • Image Processing Toolbox
        • Computer Vision Toolbox
        • Neural Network Toolbox
          • Optimization Toolbox

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              • Complete Code of this paper
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                      • A document containing complete explanation of code and research approach
                          • All materials used for this research
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