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A New Approach to Ontology-Based Semantic Modelling for Opinion Mining

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A New Approach to Ontology-Based Semantic Modelling for Opinion Mining.

Abstract:- With the fast growth of World Wide Web 2.0, a great number of opinions about a variety of products have been published in blogs, forums, and social networks. Opinion mining tools are needed to enable users to efficiently process a large number of reviews found online, in order to determine the underlying opinions. This paper presents a new methodology for semantic modelling of the domain knowledge for opinion mining. In particular, the new methodology focuses on modelling the domain knowledge in such a way that it can be translated to a formal ontology, which can then be automatically enriched with ground facts obtained from public Linked Open Data resources. The methodology also considers procedures to link between the formal ontology and Natural Language Processing. Our approach successfully enriches the ontology with the relevant ground facts. This ontology can then be used to perform a variety of data mining tasks including sentiment analysis and information retrieval.

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IEEE, 2016.
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For the implementation of this paper one or more software from the following list will be use.


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