Embedded, Robotics and Electronics component Manufacturer/Supplier, Delhi, India

We are one of India’s renowned Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of high quality electronics components, Embedded development boards, Robotics, and Embedded kits for educational learning and industry purposes at very affordable price. Currently we are dealing with more than 100 companies across the nation. Contact us today for guaranteed best quote in the industry. Some of our products are:

Arduino Boards & Ascessories

1. Arduino UNO ATmega 328P based

2. Arduino UNO R3 Board (ATmega 328P based)

Communication Modules

1. Accelerometer

2. Bluetooth Module

3. GPS Module

4. GSM Module

5. RF ID Card & Reader

6. RF Rx & Tx Board

7.RF Rx Tx Module

8.WiFi Module

DIY Robotic Kits

1. Bluetooth Controlled Robot

2. Edge Avoider Robot

3. Line Follower Robot

4. Mobile Controlled Robot

5. Obstacle Avoider Robot

6. Sound Operated Robot

7. Wall Follower Robot

8. Wireless Controlled Robot

Microcontroller Development Boards

1. 8051 Development Board

2. ATmega8 Development Board v.2 (Boot Board)

3. ATmega8 Deveopment Board v.1 (Mini)

4. ATmega8 Deveopment Board v.3

5. ATmega16 Board (Daddy’s Board)

6. ATmega16-32 Development Board

7. ATmega16-32 Mini Development Board

Motors & Motor Driver Boards

1. Motor Driver Boards

2. L293D Motor Driver Board

3. DC BO Motor

4. DC Motor


1. IR Sensor

2. Temperature Sensor

3. Ultrasonic Sensor