R for Beginner’s / Ultimate Beginner’s

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R Programming is a language that is used for data analysis, statistics computing ,
statistics analysis and data manipulation.Making it one of the
popular analytics software in use today.

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Course Description.

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and cool graphics, R is an open source programming language and software environment & that is supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis and is widely used by both academia and industry. R software works on both Windows and Mac-OS. Statistical programming language widely used for data analysis and developing statistical software. Data mining, and data science, data Analytics. Rstudio is a user friendly environment for R that has become popular.


What you'll learn in this course?

In this course you’ll take from beginning of R. up to a point where you can satisfied work with data,calculate &familiar with basics of statistics, Create lots of cool graphics plots,and deal with all the minor to major issues that come up along the way.

Course content

This course is a super-Practical Introduction to doing data analysis in R

Welcome to R & Rstudio

·        Installation R & Rstudio  in window , Mac & Linux-OS

·        Interface of R & Rstudio

·        Setting up your environment


   Basics Fundamental of R (Packages, Function and Variables)

·        Basics functions after Importing file in R-Studio

·        Using R notebook for Mathematical Operations

·        Welcome to Data (Importing, Inspecting, & Transforming Data)

·        Key Terms for Data Types (Continuous, Discrete, Categorical)

Plotting bar charts

·        Plotting scatter plots

·        Boxplots, histograms, densities, and violin plots

·        Plotting line and area charts

·        Styling plots

·        Plotting a heatmap

Introduction of Descriptive Statistics with  Graphics

·        Introduction of Inferential Statistics with Graphics

·        Data Wrangling

Who is eligible for this Interactive course?

If you really want to learn R so you can analyze real time data, and you want to get very useful parts of R programming as fast as possible ways. You may be a research scholar who wants to analyze data from your research paper or you could be scientist, businessman, & biologist who wants to dip our research problem issues to analyze as long as you are interested in learning for its data analysis potential, so it means you are fall in right place.


Does this course cover everything I will ever need to know about R?

Not everything , this R course can only teach you introductory part ,but my aim with this course is to give you a great foundation of understanding interactive tools and tips for the most common tasks , and other ability of task  through our others rest course related to specific domain


Time Duration

25 Hours (40 days)

Beginner Level

Basic Knowledge of computer,statistics,& math

Fee Structure

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